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One of my oldest friends asked me to make a Dora cake for her daughter's 2nd birthday and I jumped at the chance. I hadn't seen my friend since I was sixteen (im 28 now lol) so I was really happy that she would trust me with this. I can't take credit for the design. My friend found a pic online and asked if I could recreate it :) I did a pretty good job at it lol

This is the card I made to go along with her gift :)

and this is the gift I decided on doing... I LOVE how it came out and I now want to make dozens of them. I have 2 more kids birthdays coming up so I think I'll make some more!


It's Jenn! said...

du du dork.....hehehe I love the title. But more than that I love your talent! Everything is so cute and the cake turned out amazing!

Sandy said...

Hi I saw your post on the cricut messageboard and I just to see your blog!! I love how all of the Dora creations came out!! The cake looks so beatiful!! Did you go to cake decorating classes or did you just learn on you own? Where in Cali are you from? I'm in Southern Cali, Huntington Park to be exact.