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I'm so incredibly proud of this piece! Up is such a sweet, romantic, heartfelt, sad and exciting movie. It's definitely a favorite in our home. I was given a few parameters on what she wanted included. The waterfall, Carl and Ellie together, Carl with his "young" hairstyle and the house with the balloons. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, especially since I Ellie gets to see Paradise Falls with the love of her life!
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I got the idea for this cake while browsing pinterest. Gotta love that site, right? The original cake was much bigger with tons more details and as much as I would've loved to replicate the entire thing, I had to scale it back since there were only 6 of us at the dinner party lol (2 of which were under the age of 6) It was still lots of fun to make. I had to use gum paste for the top hat and tea set since it dries a lot faster than homemade fondant. It turned out beautiful and delicious! 
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This cake is frosted with icing.  The details were made with black fondant. Pretty simple but it looks AWESOME!! My hubby was pretty happy celebrating his birthday with it <3 p="p">

My youngest is obsessed with all things super heroes.  For his birthday Capt. America was at the top of his list.  As I type this, Spider-man is now in the lead. I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his bday and he said "A Capt. America shield!!" and since his every wish is my command, he got what he wanted. He was so excited! We're not big on parties but i'm glad he can be just as happy at home with just his family and his very own Capt. America cake <3 p="p">
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One of my favorite Disney love stories :) I will never get tired of watching Disney movies, especially this one <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

I'm getting the hang of using acrylics, at least compared to my try at watercolors lol maybe I'll try oil painting eventually ;)

I was looking at Disney Art online and came across the original version of this picture. I fell in love with it and decided to try and make my own.  So here it is...and I love it even more now.  Sometimes I want to take art classes so that I can learn the proper techniques to accomplish the look I see in my mind but then I remember how much I enjoy trying to figure it out on my own.  I get frustrated when I can't seem to get it right but that's just how I am :) Anyhow, sorry for the rambling, here are a few more paintings i've done in the past couple of weeks....

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A friend asked me if I could make two birthday cards for her.  One with Stitch and one with Ariel. These are what I came up with.

I made this card with hand-torn pieces of paper.  The pieces for the teeth are so small I had to use tweezers! 

I love the princess silhouettes on both Disney Princess cartridges for my Cricut.  So elegant and classic!

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I put my Cricut Disney cartridges to work on these babies! Well, more like the cartridges put ME to work...
The princess cuts can be quite arduous, especially whey they are a small size. I honestly don't know how anyone can get them to cut properly at any size smaller that 5".

For this Belle card I added a little paper quilling and cuttlebug. Couldn't resist adding a hidden Mickey!

A bit more quilling on this Boo card and an embossed sentiment.  I wanted to find a way to incorporate Mike and Sully so I snuck them in on the balloons.

This one is one of my favorites! It's pretty simple but so pretty. I love Mulan's pup, Little Brother.  He isn't on the cricut cartridge but I found an image of him online. 

This one is also pretty simple. Just a little glitter and glossy accents :) 

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Welcome baby card a friend asked me to make. She said she wanted an ocean theme for a boy and this is what I came up with :) I think it came out super cute!!
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These are the Christmas cards I made last year, wow! Can you tell I haven't been keeping up with my blog??? lol These next few entries are gonna be out of order. Well just wanted to share these. I was especially proud of my gingerbread men and their Mickey Ears Hats :) I LOVE DISNEY!!!

I love making things for people who share my love of anything Disney!! My cousin Melina is one of those people :) Made this super cute card about 2 months before her bday, because when Disney is involved, inspiration never fails me :)

So pretty!
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I decorated this shadow box for my cousin Melina :) I loved how it turned out so much I wanted to keep it for myself! But decided on just making another one to keep (which I have yet to do)

I used the Storybook cartridge for the lettering.

and I used my Martha Stewart glitter to outline Mickey.

Added some bling because lets face it, what doesn't look better with a little bling!
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Happy Birthday to my very dear friend, Janea. I made this super cute card for her and mailed it off yesterday. Her birthday is on sunday. Hopefully she doesn't check on my blog too often :) I hope she likes it!!

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I did this frame for my cousin Star and her family. They vacation in Hawaii once or twice a year and they always come home with the most AMAZING pictures!! They just moved in to a new home so I thought I'd make them a little something as a sort of housewarming present. The saying "Aloha kekahi i kekahi" means "love one another unconditionally"