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I love making things for people who share my love of anything Disney!! My cousin Melina is one of those people :) Made this super cute card about 2 months before her bday, because when Disney is involved, inspiration never fails me :)

So pretty!
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I decorated this shadow box for my cousin Melina :) I loved how it turned out so much I wanted to keep it for myself! But decided on just making another one to keep (which I have yet to do)

I used the Storybook cartridge for the lettering.

and I used my Martha Stewart glitter to outline Mickey.

Added some bling because lets face it, what doesn't look better with a little bling!
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Happy Birthday to my very dear friend, Janea. I made this super cute card for her and mailed it off yesterday. Her birthday is on sunday. Hopefully she doesn't check on my blog too often :) I hope she likes it!!

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I did this frame for my cousin Star and her family. They vacation in Hawaii once or twice a year and they always come home with the most AMAZING pictures!! They just moved in to a new home so I thought I'd make them a little something as a sort of housewarming present. The saying "Aloha kekahi i kekahi" means "love one another unconditionally"

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Just a little thank you card for Barb (Jenn's mom<3) She sent me some stuff from Craft Warehouse in WA. I'm telling you, I will DEFINITELY have to take a trip out there with Jenn and go on a craft supplies shopping spree lol

I turned 29 this month!! How time flies!! I spent my special day with family in San Diego :) My cousins made me feel super special!!! Part of my gift was going to see Eclipse at midnight, and not only that but it was a Twilight marathon!! It started at 6:30 with Twilight, then New Moon at 9:45 and Eclipse at 12. It was awesome!! I also got this adorable Ponyo cell phone charm and a Totoro t-shirt ( which I haven't taken a picture of yet)

They also got this delicious Tres Leches cake with a coffee flavored drizzle on top!! YUUUMMM!
Jenn sent me the card pictured at the very top along with a perpetual calendar pictured here :) It's really cool cuz I can change the background as often as I want! Perfect for someone as indecisive as me!!! lol Thanks again Jenn! I love it!

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Well I didn't make Jenn's present this year but I did make her card lol. It came out super cute. I can't get enough of these button birds.

As you can see, this is my favorite angle to capture my projects lol Blame it on Jenn! she taught me how to best photograph my creations :)

Hope you had an amazing birthday Jenn <3
I went to a triple birthday party a couple of weeks ago. One of my best friends celebrated her birthday along with her two boys. I knew I wanted to make something extra special for all three of them, so this is what I came up with :) I really enjoyed making this card for Liz. She's been one of my closest friends for over 10 years. We're a week apart so when we turned 18 we celebrated together. She is very special to me and I'm glad I was here to celebrate her 29th birthday with her <3

If you know Liz, then you know you can't think of her without also thinking of her husband :) They have been together since before I met her. They are an awesome couple and I love and respect them both. I did a little Facebook stalking to get these pictures lol, I try not to gift frames without pictures already in them. At first I worried that this turned out more like an anniversary gift, rather than a birthday gift. But when I saw her face when she opened it, every doubt I had flew right out the window :)

Her youngest son, Alex likes Spiderman. The card is super simple but the frame is AWESOME!

This is super boyish and something I think they can treasure for years to come.

I mounted the Spiderman stickers onto thick cardstock then I put this one close to the glass to add dimension.

Her oldest son, Armando likes Spongebob. Again, the card is simple but the frame came out pretty cool.

I used my cricut to cut out the names on all 3 frames. On this one I used glass beads for bubbles and a pack of Spongebob stickers from Michaels.

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This is my often mentioned, very loved friend Jenn lol I wanted to make her something special for Valentine's Day so I thought I'd finally try out this Martha Stewart project. Atleast it was MEANT to be a Valentine's day present lol, I ended up sending it over a month late. It looks a whole lot better in person but what can you do when things refuse to photograph well :) Love ya Jenn!!!

The card I sent with her canvas. I love how it came out <3

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So I FINALLY decided to try cutting fabric with my E and I loved it! It was really easy too. I might make another one this week. I'll post a picture if I decide to make it :)
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One of my oldest friends asked me to make a Dora cake for her daughter's 2nd birthday and I jumped at the chance. I hadn't seen my friend since I was sixteen (im 28 now lol) so I was really happy that she would trust me with this. I can't take credit for the design. My friend found a pic online and asked if I could recreate it :) I did a pretty good job at it lol

This is the card I made to go along with her gift :)

and this is the gift I decided on doing... I LOVE how it came out and I now want to make dozens of them. I have 2 more kids birthdays coming up so I think I'll make some more!