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I turned 29 this month!! How time flies!! I spent my special day with family in San Diego :) My cousins made me feel super special!!! Part of my gift was going to see Eclipse at midnight, and not only that but it was a Twilight marathon!! It started at 6:30 with Twilight, then New Moon at 9:45 and Eclipse at 12. It was awesome!! I also got this adorable Ponyo cell phone charm and a Totoro t-shirt ( which I haven't taken a picture of yet)

They also got this delicious Tres Leches cake with a coffee flavored drizzle on top!! YUUUMMM!
Jenn sent me the card pictured at the very top along with a perpetual calendar pictured here :) It's really cool cuz I can change the background as often as I want! Perfect for someone as indecisive as me!!! lol Thanks again Jenn! I love it!


Stacey said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! The swirl stamp is from QVC, but any fancy swirls would do the job, and the fimo is varnished for extra shine x