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Tulip Princess Diaries

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These are the Christmas cards I made last year, wow! Can you tell I haven't been keeping up with my blog??? lol These next few entries are gonna be out of order. Well just wanted to share these. I was especially proud of my gingerbread men and their Mickey Ears Hats :) I LOVE DISNEY!!!


It's Jenn! said...

Not normally a Mickey girl, but I am really digging these cards. Especially the first one with the shiny silhouettes! SO CUTE!

RachelLynn said...

I am loving the first two mickey ones, well okay all of them but I love the top two and wish I could make ones close to ones like yours.
BTW this is TinkTinkTink (Rachel).
Love all your cards

RachelLynn said...

I am loving the first two Mickey one, well all of them but I wish I was close to as good as you are. I just love all your cards.
BTW this is TinkTinkTink (Rachel) from MW