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As soon as we found out we could be moving any day I got to work on this cookbook for my friend Jenn :) It took a few weeks since I had to think of my own embellishments and how to create them. It was a ton of fun and looking back I wish I would of made two at the same time.
Jenn means a great deal to me and I really wanted to make her something that would show atleast a fraction of that. I come from an old fashioned Mexican family where we like to show our affection with food lol. Luckily Jenn loves my cooking so I put together a few of her faves in this book. I forgot to take pics before I gave it to her, but it worked out because she got some amazing shots of the details :) Click on the pictures for a bigger view, ENJOY!!


Cindy said...

This is a wonderful gift. Can I be your friend? lol It's so detailed and very cute. You did a wonderful job on it.